Saul does commissions! All these prints are for sale if requested.

The Dead Man at the Corner Who Asked Me For a Light (watercolor, Adobe Photoshop)

Untitled (Collage)

Mermaid and Sailor (brush and ink)

Grandma (pen and ink)

Untitled (watercolor, Adobe Photoshop)

Pale Jules and Lady Luck (pen and ink)

Return of the Exiled Pariah to the Holy Land (brush and ink) - Painted for Virginia Mueller

Boat Duel (brush and ink)

Train of Thought cover (pen and ink)

ZZ System cover (Adobe Photoshop)

Ronin Facing Lord Rommel's soldiers (watercolor)

Pale Jules's Minion (pen and ink)

Lord Rommel's Palace (pen lines, Adobe Photoshop colors)

Chess with Death (pen and ink)

Untitled (watercolor)

Mathematician (brush and ink, Adobe Photoshop)

Lady Luck (pen and ink)

Solemn Cowboy (brush and ink)

Tears Were Once Blood (brush and ink)

Re-visitation of the Victim (pen and ink)

Gargoyle (watercolor)

Journal Entry: Gargoyle Page One (watercolor)

Journal Entry: Gargoyle Page Two (watercolor)